R.AV x Sound Obsessed



R.AV and Sound Obsessed brought together a group of musicians, visual artists, and creative technologists for a month-long collaboration inviting participants to explore how AI technologies can help artists and creatives reimagine their practice.

The outcome of their experimentation is a collective A/V mixtape showcasing the possibilities of AI in enhancing and pushing human creativity, rather than replacing it.

Through this project, R.AV and Sound Obsessed hope to facilitate a cultural shift against the narrative of glorified automation in the AI space and encourage curiosity and exploration in using these new tools.

Collectors will be granted exclusive access to a downloadable hi-res version of the mixtape along with the full release page in the coming week. Please ensure you join the newsletter for all updates.

Featuring contributions from Albert.DATA, Dadabots, d0n.xyz, dreams of sound, gavcloud, Kabuki, Kalam Ali, Matthew D. Gantt, Nicholas G. Padilla, Noah Pred, Petra, Portrait XO, rTchAd, Skulptor, The Glad Scientist, Torsten Goerke, Yawä//Zē and Yotam Mann.

Visit our virtual gallery: https://newart.city/show/soundobsessedxravclub